TEUTON Z 50 Mobile Universal Shredder

TEUTON Z 50 Mobile Universal Shredder

Slow-running Shredder for Virtually all Areas of Application in the Mobile Shredding Sector.

The wide range of applications with the new generation of Eggersmann TEUTON universal shredders is impressive and virtually inexhaustible. The TEUTON series of machines are just as efficient at shredding recycled wood, roots, green waste or bulky household refuse as they are at shredding tyre, plastics, mattresses or batches of special and mono-material.

Another prominent feature of the machine is the large and wide conveyor belts, which enable material discharge, free from clogging, with all applications. The material ejection height is up to 5 meters. The conveyor belt speed is continuously variable.

Technical Data

Total weight max. 25 T
Engine 6 Cylinder Diesel engine X12, generous cooling system with reversible fan
Displacement 12 L
Emission standard (Euro-Standard) Stage V
Power 373 KW (500HP)
Tank Volume 650 L
Number of replaceable teeth 30
Rotor length 3,000 mm
Rotor speed (variable) max. 36 U/min
Rotor diameter max. 1,050 mm