M&J F 320 Fine-Shredder

High capacity single rotor Fine-Shredder

M&J F 210 Fine-Shredder features a patented knife system fitted on a multi-edged rotor for optimal shredding performance. Material is fed into the rotor by a sensitive pusher which makes sure there is no forcing of the feed, keeping the heat generated to a minimum. It is capable of producing consistent material output from 10-100 mm.

Technical Data

Working Data M&J F 210 Fine-Shredder
Number of rotors 1
Number of counter knives 108
Rotating speed 100 – 280 rpm
Motor type Electric
Power 1 x 250 KW
RDF, 10 mm 3,0 tonnes per hour
RDF, 20 mm 7,0 tonnes per hour
RDF, 30 mm 12,0 tonnes per hour
RDF, 40 mm 14,0 tonnes per hour
RDF, 50 mm 18,0 tonnes per hour